How to login to your garden 






1. Press on the button "Login/Sign up"                                                2. A sign up box appears













3. Fill in your email, create a password and press on "Go"                 4. Already a user, press on "Login"















5. Fill in your email and password and press on "Go"                         6. Press on the butto "Clients"














7. A box opens, fill in the Password for Your Garden that you            8. The page with the Gardens appears, press on the button          can obtain from the LDC Vilamoura or through us, press "OK"            with your gardens name on it













9. A page opens with several buttons, press on "The garden before our intervention" or on the

button with the subject you are interested in.














10. Press on the button "Logout" if you want to leave the Client pages and/or the site