Garden Design


What is an ideal garden? Of course this is different for everyone. Different people have different wishes. For me, the ideal garden is a garden that is completely customised to your wishes, in a way that sets it apart. And of course the practical side is taken into account, too. I see the garden as an extension of your home, as a space that invites you to live outside as well. A place where to unwind and to feel comfortable.





All your wishes are thoroughly discussed, and this forms the basis of the design of your new garden. This design is primarily a working design, but with a keen eye for detail.


I pay much attention to the use of the appropriate materials, and I work out a good harmony between design and planting. This whole process happens in close consultation with you. Together we come to the ideal garden! The result is an exclusive garden that is completely customised to your wishes.


Nothing gives me more satisfaction than the enthusiasm of the garden owners, every time the garden, based on my design, has been delivered.


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Ana Saraiva Mariano

Garden Designer